grace moko

About me

Hello there and welcome to my website. As a young entrepreneur and upcoming media personality, I have been to many places and got much exposure. Exchanged ides and sat on countless meetings to learn a thing or two. My hyper ambition to climb the career ladder has got lots of lessons.

Its said, your network is your net worth. A grateful of the friends that I have and the peers that look up to me. My reality show is here to inspire our generation that we can do it on our own. Youths and young adults don’t necessarily need handouts, inheritance or favors to make it. We can flip our mindset and we are good to go. Youths can trend for the best reasons. Fame comes with a cost.

Grace Moko reality television series depicts my unscripted daily hustles and interactions. You will be have a chance to see my family, friends and associate. Brand and career development, social and lifestyle will be my main focus. You will learn more on my show from business side and also personal life. The show will be airing on your local tv near you soon. Also, the show will be live on my YouTube channel and also a link on latest episode will be available on this site.